The Team
Meet the Pre-Production Screenplay Writing Team
for bringing 19 Minutes on The Day to your screen.
Melinda Pillsbury-Foster   - Melinda is the President and Founder of the Arthur C. Pillsbury Foundation.  AC, as he is known to the family, was the inventor of multiple cameras, designed with the intention of extending human vision in support of science and understanding and preserving the natural world.                       Taking on the work left to her by her father, Dr. Arthur F. Pillsbury, Melinda was inspired to seek ways to continue her grandfather's legacy. At the core of this work is identifying the means for people to live in peace with each other across the differences now dividing us.  For this reason, she agreed to join Freedom Interactive TV Network, while acting as Executive Director for Eco-Alert, an environmental research organization. An author and screenwriter herself, the decision to move the battle into cinema was a natural transition, one her grandfather began with his first nature movie in 1909.  See the short film at  Arthur C. Pillsbury Foundation.

Brock d'Avignon - Brock is the originator of PhoneVoter, the first working interactive television system.  Brock used this to give Americans a voice during the 1992 presidential campaign.  That year, he provided services to four candidates, Ross Perot, Pat Buchanan, Jerry Brown, and Bill Clinton.  He also provided the loan tool, PAYE, to Jack Kemp, who used these to sell off federally-owned properties to the residents when he was the head of HUD in 1989.                     Brock has multiple other projects.

David Lincoln -  Dave was enlisted by Tenaco when he was 14 and a member of the Science Club in High School. Dave was coached by their PR Officer to be the company spokesman during the first Santa Barbara Spill in 1869.  Graduating from USC with a degree as a Petroleum Geologist, Dave began a rising career in the oil industry, receiving special treatment by the heads of various oil companies, including J. P. Getty.  His career took him around the world, working for all the majors.  Finally realizing he would never be able to change the industry's ugly habits, he left in 1996. He has dedicated his life to stopping the polluters and has won every time.  Sonar explorations ended in Georges Bank because of Dave's innovative approach in the hearing room. 
    Now, Dave is ready to apply the tools he identified for accurately determining polluters using his geochronology technology.  

More on Dave      Dave's CV

Lance Williams - Lance C. Williams is an actor and producer, known for Troll 2 (1990), Birth of the Vampire (2003) and Charly (2002). 
       Williams is the founder of American International Media, a motion picture and television production company that produced three seasons of Housing the American Dream for Fox affiliate, KSTU-13. Lance is an executive producer of Artists International Media, having produced several movies, cause-marketing, and corporate media.  See AIMSTUDIOS.COM   click Reel, then Focused Light Productions to see trailers.   
       Williams continues as head of The Professional Actors Workshop, where he has trained actors for the film and television market in both California and Utah for more than 20 years.  He is Associate Producer for National Independent Pictures in Hollywood, Williams produced work for network television and feature films. National Independent Pictures also assigned Williams to produce corporate film and video throughout California.

Robert Starling  - is a multi-talented 33-year veteran in the film and television industry as a writer, producer and director, with experience in all areas of production and post-production including state-of-the-art computer video and interactive multimedia applications. As the Owner/CEO of Trefoil Productions, he obtained the rights to produce “On My Honor” from the Cecil B. DeMille estate (“OMH” was DeMille’s unfinished movie).
    Mr. Starling has worked extensively as a writer/producer at the NBC Television Network, as head of the Trailer Department for Schick Sunn Classic Pictures, as Head of Development for Osmond Productions, as a staff producer for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in its worldwide media productions, and as a consulting producer on the feature film “Jack Weyland’s Charly”. He wrote the original screenplay for “In Search of Historic Jesus”, which was produced at a cost of less than $2 million, yet has earned over $22 million in theatrical box office, TV and video sales. 

Chris Boehr -  Software engineer, team leader and algorithm scientist with extensive experience creating complex software for a variety of microprocessor-based devices and personal computers. The recent focus on stereo video image capture, face recognition, vapor detection and identification, signal processing, data communications, and intuitive user interfaces.

  • Demonstrated success in creating both embedded and PC-based software, leading software engineering teams through all phases of product development from conception to launch.
  • Experience designing, selecting, implementing and improving algorithms, especially for signal processing and pattern recognition applied to chemical vapor and facial image identification.
  • Extensive experience writing device drivers and application software on multiple microprocessor families using C/C++ and on PCs using C++/.NET and MATLAB.
  • Knowledge of electronics and limited experience designing digital circuitry
  • Name listed on 9 US Patents.

Gail Lightfoot - Registered R.N., Gail is our consultant for emergency care.  She is also a long-time Libertarian activist and a former State Chairman for the Libertarian Party of California and many times a state-wide candidate.

Howard Hinman  - Howard's background is contracts, legal liaison, and strategy.