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      Research on the impact of Hydrofluoric Acid (HFA), on life is limited and generally uses diluted HFA.  Therefore, it cannot be used to assess the real dangers.  However, how far it travels when released has been covered.  Below is a film showing a study conducted by Dr. Ronald Koopman of the Lawrence Livermore Labs. Watch as 1,000 gallons of HFA travels seven miles at a speed  determined by the prevailing winds in two minutes.  So, how far could 55,000 gallons of HFA travel in a brisk wind?  
       There are 55,000-gallons in a typical HFA refinery tank.  Keep that image in mind as you read the synopsis of 19 Minutes on The Day.    Below the video are links, articles, downloads providing you with the facts on which the movie is based.
         The Koopman study below released less than 1,000 gallons was released.  In one hour the wind had carried the gas seven miles.  In two miles the gas would have gone 14 miles, still at a concentration four times that of a lethal dose.  
          At the Torrance Refinery there are two tanks holding Hydrofluoric Acid.  One holds 55,000 gallons of HFA, and second  tank holds 15,000 gallons. 
            No study has accounted for the threat from HFA to a local population, not in the Los Angeles area and not in the other 18 metropolitan areas around the United States.  
       If Exxon and others in the industry go to this much trouble to evade the subject it is far worse than we had imagined.  Therefore, we took the facts and produced a screenplay based on an outcome taking the available data from all reputable sources into account.  

       AMOCO, the oil company which sponsored the test, decided HFA was too dangerous. They no longer own any HFA refineries. 

The Koopman Study 

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There, you will find the original ABC video which includes the Koopman footage but also includes investigative journalism by Brian Ross which provides the viewpoint of the oil industry and footage of the Hydrofluoric Acid spill in Corpus Cristi, TX. 

      Go to Medical for information on the impact of HFA and what steps to take if you are in the path of a city-killing HFA event.  

      This is an excel spreadsheet with exhaustive information on the Hydrofluoric Acid Refineries, medical impacts, morbidity, treatment, corporate information on refineries and more.   
Prepared for EcoAlert by Brock d'Avignon of Freedom TV Networks and A. Edward Foster of Pact People Act 


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