Feasibility Studies

     When writing began for the, screenplay the author, myself, had already ingested more than a year in research on the properties of Hydrofluoric Acid, past poisoning events, lack of safety records for the oil industry, especially ExxonMobil and PBF Energy, Inc., and 49 more HFA refineries nationwide.   

     Our team includes people who have been at the battle for decades. We  gave up on petitions and sign waving, meeting with governors, helping them run for office, who only posture, condemning HFA as an imminentdanger but failing to take action, long since. In a nutshell, asking politicians or revolving door regulatory agencies to take action, does not generally work.  That said, having millions of people gassed to death is too serious a problem to abandon to the fantasy politicians can be effective.  Therefore, we have attempted to impress on Americans the gravity of the situation, along with other entities big enough to checkmate Big Oil's ugly depreciation to Doom business plan.   

     Hence, the screenplay.  Everyone goes to the movies.  If people can believe Harry Potter is alive and well, well, we knew reality would not be too big a leap for them.  We decided on an action adventure theme with some dark comedy to keep us sane while theater goers can hope for the best in new romanticism.  

    Determining a realistic scenario sent us to examine news back to 9/11 and then closely analyse recent likely terrorist strikes, as opposed to staged events.  The resulting scenario is horrifying, yet there is still a place for heroes to emerge and avert worse disasters.

   Below are some of the predictive tools we used to determine the scenario.  We provide the links to sites and the specific text or graphics utlized.  gaseous HFA will spread are wind direction and wind speed.  A answers were found on various sites, these predictions being very similar.  We chose the graphics from MetroBlue because they reproduced well and were easy to understand.  Below you see the graphs we used to set the scenario.

   Wind Rose - Direction



The graph above provides for multiple scenarios.  Imagine this.  Two plumes from the two Torrance tanks are released when the prevailing wind is due north.  
     The issue of a concentration of HFA strong enough to kill and maim came next.  With this, came other issues of plot, which will remain confidential.  Here are some of the facts we considered for you to mull over.  
     Terrorists are clearly active in the United States, along with unhappy people who are outraged over something.  
     The Torrance Refinery has two Hydrofluoric Acid containers.  One is 55,000-gallons, the other 15,000-gallons.  At a concentration of 8ppm HFA will inflame eyes and lungs.  At 120ppm it will kill y ou in 19-minutes.  At the time it is ejected from the tank the HFA is at a concentration of 1,000,000 parts per million.  This raised the question of how long it takes until it is no longer harmful to life.  In the study carried out by D. Ronald Koopman, then at Lawrence Livermore Labs, provided insights into this issue.  The short answer is if this large amount is released the threat will linger.  No studies have been done which apply to these circumstances.  This is undiluted HFA.