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       If you did not look at the map and the 19 major metropolitan areas threatened, please do so now.   MAP & LIST
       You might wonder why government, the EPA, or other agencies or our judicial system have not taken action before.  There are many answers, depending on which agency, politician or attorney you ask.  Those questions are now being answered for us as we watch the inability of the government to solve problems effectively.  Dean Baker noted the problem in his article, published on Truth Out on June 12, 2017, titled, " Going Private: The Trump Administration's Big Infrastructure Plan."  
        Citing the monumental problems caused by 'Privatization,' which first saw the light of day through Reason Foundation, a Libertarian think-tank, Baker bemoans the abject failure of government to effectively regulate the oil industry, along with the ghastly specter of selling off assets, paid for by Americans, to corporations.  We agree.  Such sales are boondoggles.  Sales are made to 'associates' of the administration mandating the sale.  As a result, Americans pay again for infrastructure or services which they already own or have paid for.   
        This also leads to the problem of our crumbling infrastructure.  We will take that up later.  Know that we think any and all reconstruction should be sustainable.  No cement what so ever should be used.  Homeland Security also weighed in on the need for long-lasting infrastructure.  Calling for this in the 2013 paper, UHPC Roadmap to Commercialization. Download the paper.                              
         Ultra-High Performance Concrete is now widely in use in Europe.  But other possibilities also exist.  Visit the Geopolymer Institute to read about them.
         Baker is entirely correct when he says, "Private markets are very good at supplying a good or service that is produced repeatedly and in large numbers for a diverse group of customers. It makes good sense to have Dell, Apple and many other companies to compete to see who can provide the best computers at the lowest price."  
         Who could disagree?  But Baker misses the flaws in his own argument.  The government has historically engaged in self-dealing and crony capitalist behavior that would have made Blackbeard blush. The force of a dispassionate, and reliable justice system is needed for all of our transactions.  Another factor which needs to be kept in mind is the right of everyone, at every income level, to demand, and get, a fair hearing and an equitable judgment.  If the outrageous history of Big Oil has taught us nothing else, it has proven Big Oil will do anything to evade accountability.  And nothing government did make a shred of difference.  It is wishful thinking to believe we can change this.  
       Instead, we looked at what we can change.  Which includes, Congress.  Rather, we won't change it - but the people will.  See Congressional Clearing House.  

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