Dave Lincoln

Geologist / GIS Specialist / Analyst

  • 25 yrs. of geotechnical background with my Master’s Degree in GIS and 15 yrs. experience as an           Environmental Consultant, Supervisor and Instructor.
  • Adjunct Instructor in Geology and Geography courses at Arkansas State University.
  • Consultant and adviser to corporations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and municipalities.
  • Proven analytical and communication skills with demonstrated ability
  • to meet tight energy industry deadlines.
  • Explored and frequently discovered oil and gas in more than 50 countries across six continents. 

Recruited by the oil industry while still in High School for propaganda and PR purposes

UNOCAL - Union Oil of Calif.
1968 Southern Calif. - Toured Refineries, Supertankers, Texaco Union Mobil and Shell (THUMS)  Production Islands in Long Beach, Antique Oil Fields in Santa Maria, Water Floods, Fire Floods, Tar Pits, etc.
!969 Los Angeles -Toured Field Offices, Paleo Lab, Research Center, Headquarters, Radio Studios for PR.
When I graduated from High School, Union Oil employed me every summer and part-time while at Univ. of Southern Calif. (USC) for 4 years.
1970 Coalinga Oil Field, (Roustabout/Mechanics Asst.) maintenance of evaporation ponds, Gas Compressors and Gas Plant, Pipeline Maintenance, Asst. to Field Operators and Mechanics.
1971 Los Angeles County – (Geol. Asst.) maintained Urban Production Sites, cleaned up oil spills around Gas Lift Operations, Gas Separators,  Heater Treaters, Gas Compressor valves and worked as Researcher and Archivist in Headquarters library.
1972 – Huntington Beach (Field Operator) at Offshore Platform Eva – monitored Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition [SCADA] systems and alarm events. Measured pressure, volume, and temperature of 36 wells and a drilling rig. Determined percent Basic Sediments and Water [BS&W] in centrifuge and API Gravity in oils using hydrometer. Injected anti-corrosion chemicals into pipes and ran pigs monthly to clean pipelines, repaired wastewater pumps and gauged tank volumes.
1973 - Los Angeles (Field Operator 2) replaced downhole electric pumps and repaired pipelines and valves. (Paleo Lab Technician) Prepared subsurface drill cuttings for lithology descriptions and identifications of microfossils including foraminifera and calcareous nannofossils. 
At the end of 4 years with UNOCAL, I was told that they could not hire me because I had changed my college major from Petroleum Engineering to Geology without their permission.

1974 – New Orleans (Geologist/ Micropaleontologist) correlated electric logs and contoured structure maps and recommended infill well locations in fault blocks and stratigraphic traps. Utilized seismic data and satellite imagery along with gravity, magnetic and porosity maps to recommend wildcat well locations with giant oil field potential.  Created paleo-environmental maps to predict the depth of over-pressured shale throughout the Gulf Coast.
1975 Ark-La-Tex (Biostratigrapher) Described lithology, identified microfossils and interpreted paleo-environments from drill cuttings. Trained geologists on well-site supervision and examined samples under microscope to identify depth for casing points to avoid blowouts. Participated in Carbonate Seminar spelunking in Carlsbad, NM and snorkeling in the Bahamas. Conducted Delta Training School by seaplane in S. Louisiana for geologists and geophysicists.

1976 OxyLibya (Geologist)
Delineated ancient reefs in the Sirte Basin and defined carbonate depositional environments which resulted in commercial field discoveries. Assisted in the development and well site selection of several major fields. Recommended and drilled wildcat drilling prospects. Conducted pilot study to determine if carbon dioxide could provide uncontaminated, economic quantities for secondary recovery. Trained in hydrocarbon detections using mudlogging and flame ionization detectors. Supervised drilling operations including gas, fluids and cuttings analysis from the well bore to disposal. Drilled and analyzed subsurface cores and supervised Schlumberger logging and Halliburton drill stem tests.

1977 OxyLibya - N. Africa (Sr. Geologist) Trained and supervised well-site geologists and hydrologists. Mapped oil field structures to select and monitor development wells. Recommended against acquisition of oil and gas fields offshore Tunisia due to risks of hydrogen sulfide leaks on adjacent population centers. Evaluated carbon dioxide reservoirs for secondary recovery operations. Headed team of Libyan ground water hydrologists using Landsat data to investigate the cause and environmental impact of pressure drops in water wells which resulted in the discovery of a major new potable aquifer in the western desert. Supervised hydrocarbon detections using mudlogging and flame ionization detectors. Drilled and analyzed subsurface cores and directed Schlumberger logging and Halliburton production test crews.

TENNECO – Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company
1978 –1980 Houston (Sr. Geologist)
Developed a model to predict location and time of growth of salt structures which led to several wildcat discoveries. Generated successful prospects in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida through the integration of gravity, aeromagnetics, seismic, log analysis and geochemistry.
!980 – 1985 Houston (Division Geologist)

Managed $20 million exploration drilling budget and responsible for the operation of 10 wildcat wells per year. Directed 16 professionals and staff and responsible for the quality of their recommendations. Supervised the development of computer-generated paleoenvironmental maps showing prospective hydrocarbon fairways. Assisted in the design and successful operation of a state-of-the-art, biostratigraphic laboratory. Provided career planning, and performance evaluation of geological and paleontological staff. Led the evaluation of the Texas State Lease Sales and Houston Oil and Minerals merger. Conducted geochemical study of hydrocarbon source rocks in outcrop and directed an offshore survey.